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B&S Classic Doors manufacture quality solid timber doors.

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Solid Timber Doors Solid Timber Kitchen Doors
Solid Timber Doors - Tasmanian Blackwood, American Oak, Surian and Tasmanian Oak.

B&S Classic Doors have a sound knowledge of solid timber door construction gained over the past 18 years. Only select grade, kiln dried timber is sourced using Australian and imported species.

Our Company will guarantee that every effort is made during the manufacturing process to colour match the timber species used in solid timber doors when job lots are identified as one kitchen.

However, variations will occur within production runs and should be accepted as natural and reasonable within any given batch of timber.

Today's modern designs, Chardonnay, Shiraz and Merlot, incorporate fine lines and simple styles with traditional 58mm rails and stiles.

Other profiles are all 50mm rails and stiles.

The designs featured on these pages (except Toronto and Vancouver), are available in a full range of timber species.

"Square Raised Panel"
Tasmanian Blackwood
 "Square VJ Panel"
 American Oak
   "Arch Raised Panel"
  Tasmanian Oak

  Amercian Walnut   Frame
  Canadian Rock
  Maple Panel
Solid Timber Doors - Chardonnay & Merlot "Merlot"     
New Guinea     
Solid Timber Doors - Square Colonial and Single Lite Frames in New Guinea Rosewood.
  "Cambia White Ash"
Exo Friendly Timber
"Square Colonial Frame"
New Guinea Rosewood
"Single Lite Frame"
New Guinea Rosewood

The aesthetic value of timber is attributed to its grain, texture and colour, but there is likely to be variations in texture, grain and particularly colour within species.

This variability is a valued characteristic, preventing monotony,
adding to its charm, and is usually not found in products that
attempt to imitate timber's appearance.

Solid Timber Doors - Tranquil and Placid

Solid Timber Doors

Create a feature or an entire kitchen combining American Walnut with Canadian Rock Maple...
or Jarrah with Silver Ash. The effect is stunning.

The appeal of country charm is kept alive in these designs with 75mm rails and stiles.

Hoop Pine with
Bollection Mould
Stressed and Strained
& Lacquered
Hoop Pine with
Bollection Mould
Stressed and Strained
& Lacquered
Solid Timber Doors - Serene and Harmony
Hoop Pine
New Guinea Rosewood
American Walnut with
Canadian Rock Maple
Bollection Mould
Canadian Rock Maple
With American Walnut
Bollection Mould


Detail in the Rails or Stiles is enhanced by a combination of lines or grooves. Solid Timber Doors
Solid Timber Doors - BT Rails & BT Stiles
   "BT Rails"
   New Guinea
"BT Stiles" 
Black Wattle 

A series of lines, grooves or holes come together to create a modern feel.

This finish is available in all timber species

Solid Timber Doors - BT H8, BT V8, BT 9 & BT 16
Charming Elegant

The timeless elegance of the past comes to life with a special rubbed back paint finish available in Hoop Pine solid timber.

Variability within the the finish creates it's character and charm.

This finish brings an old fashioned look into today's stylish kitchen.

Solid Timber Doors - Mykonoa, Venice, Santorini & Tuscany
     Hoop Pine
   (75mm rails & stiles)
    Blue Ice
Hoop Pine
(50mm rails & stiles)
Hoop Pine
(58mm rails & stiles)
Off White
Hoop Pine 
(75mm rails & stiles)
Sophisticated Door Styles

The combination of two contrasting timbers are united to create the latest in modern kitchens.

This finish is only available in the timbers specified.

Solid Timber Doors - Manhattan, Kakadu, Montreal and Kimberley.
   Primary: American    Walnut
   Secondary: Canadian    Rock Maple
Primary: Silver Ash
Secondary: Jarrah
Primary: Canadian Rock Maple
Secondary: American Walnut
Primary: Jarrah
Secondary: Silver Ash

B & S Classic Doors - Kitchen fitted with Solid Timber Doors

Timber Species

New Guinea Rosewood Kwila American Oak Black Wattle Canadian Rock Maple
New Guinea
Kwila American Oak Black Wattle Canadian Rock
Tasmanian Oak Myrtle American Walnut Tasmanian Blackwood Surian
Tasmanian Oak Myrtle American Walnut Tasmanian Blackwood Surian
Silky Oak Hoop Pine Jarrah Radiata Pine Silver Ash
Silky Oak Hoop Pine Jarrah Radiata Pine Silver Ash

Please talk to your consultant and arrange the timber species and door style of your choice.

We invite you to view our range of quality doors displayed on our web site. If you would like more information, Surround yourself with Style from the B&S Classic Door Range.please contact us or your preferred cabinetmaker and ask for B&S Classic Doors to be fitted to your new kitchen cupboards.

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