Stylish Kitchen Cupboard Doors from B&S Classic Doors, Hervey Bay.

B&S Classic Doors manufacture quality, two pack painted doors.

B&S Classic Doors - Palm Series 2 Pack Painted Doors

The Craftwood Routed Door range has been designed to allow numerous combinations of design features and unique patterns, using the latest technology in timber routing.

Only the highest quality, high moisture resistant fibreboard is used, all material being 18mm and 16mm thick.

Using the skills of highly qualified tradesmen, our kitchen cupboard doors are sprayed with two pack paint, giving a choice of gloss, satin or textured finish.

Benefits being:

  • Unlimited colour options
  • No peeling edges
  • Easy Cleaning
  • Two pack paint also provides a hardened surface giving greater protection against damage and is easily repairable

The Palm Series gives you the option of a more contemporary look, offering a great range of cool colours which will compliment any decor.

Palm Series

Palm Series 2 Pack Painted Doors - Majestis, Foxtail & Alexander.
Majestic Foxtail Alexander
Palm Series Door Profiles

Palm Series Cupboard Doors

Palm Series Doors - Bangalow, Norfolk and Cocos

Bangalow Norfolk Cocos

Palm Series Door Profiles 



alm Series Text





Like the palms they are named after, the Classic Door Palm Series is diverse in range and like their namesakes, long lived and vibrant.

Palms Series Doors - Coconut, Jata, Fan & Golden Cane
Coconut Jata Fan Golden Cane  
Palm Series Door Profiles

The Palm Series is available in a wide range of designer colours and profiles allowing them to fit into any kitchen or bathroom situation without breaking the budget.Please talk to your consultant to arrange the colour of your choice.

Classic Doors offers a wide range of door styles, with ultimate usage options, e.g. kitchens, bathrooms, wardrobes, reception areas, breakfast bar fronts and commercial uses.

Palms Series Doors - Coconut, Jata, Fan & Golden Cane
Date Paradise King Sierra
Palm Series Door Profiles
Door Edge Profiles
Palm Seiries Door Edge Profiles
Palm Series Kitchen

B&S Classic Doors - The Island Series Two Pack Painted Doors. B & S Classic Doors - Island Series Title

Island Series Doors - Moreton, Brampton, Fraser & Bribie B&S Classic Doors
Moreton Brampton Fraser Bribie  

The Island Series gives the opportunity to select a more economic design, whilst still having the option of unlimited colour variations which would suit a contemporary, country or modern look. B&S Classic Doors B&S Classic Doors Island Series - Hamilton & Hayman
Island Series Kitchen Hamilton Hayman
B&S Classic Doors Island Series - Keppel & Magnetic
Keppel Magnetic
B&S Classic Doors

The Outback Series 2 Pack painted Doors  
Outback Series Doors - Emerald, Roma, Clermont & Mt. Isa The warmth and homely feel of the Australian homestead is reflected in the Classic Door's Outback Series
Emerald Roma Clermont Mt. Isa  
Outback Door Profiles  
The numerous designs and colours available in the range will compliment any interior.

Just like Australia's outback, this series is built tough enough to take the everyday demands of today's modern living, whilst retaining the clean lines and classic styles which always stay in fashion.

Kichen fitted with Outback Series 2 pack painted doors B&S Classic Doors Outback Series
Outback Series Doors - Cloncurry, Biloela & Longreach
  Cloncurry Biloela Longreach
  Outback Door profles

Outback Series Doors - Blackall, Tranquil, Placid & Roma

NB: 1/2 Rails is standard for ALL RAILS in Tranquil and Placid profiles.

Outback Series Kitchen Doors Buggy
Blackall Miles    
Outback Door Profiles
No Warranty is available on Split Draws in the Outback Series as Rail Draws only are recommended.

We invite you to view our range of quality doors displayed on our web site. If you would like more information, Surround yourself with Style from the B&S Classic Door Range.please contact us or your preferred cabinetmaker and ask for B&S Classic Doors to be fitted to your new kitchen cupboards.



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